Manùfatto was born about 10 years ago when Manuela, designer of the brand and young creator from Pescara, ended her life aboard airplanes, decides a little by chance a little for her innate passion for research, to bet on her manual skills and to create costume jewelery. In Pescara, in the family jewelery shop she has carved out a corner for her workshop which over the years has grown more and more to become the exclusive dealer of her creations.
Strong supporter of Made in Italy, the name Manùfatto contains what Manu is and what is created by Manu, strictly by factories and workshops of Italian artisans, specifically from Tuscany.
Her work focuses mainly on earrings because in them she finds the right frame for every woman's face.
The style is mostly romantic but its nature is a mix of rock, gypsy. and classic ... in short, it can be said that for each collection instinct and the moment often characterize everything that comes out of his works.
The difference between the many costume jewelery companies comes from the selection of materials, silver, brass, semi-precious stones but above all galvanic that guarantee the durability of the strictly Made in Italy jewel, no less important is the constant research that often sees it around the world. and in particular in Paris, another city of constant inspiration.
Its strength is certainly the love for travel because from each of these it brings back smells, fragrances and sensations in its creations ... But no less important is the selection and not wanting to do carpet distribution but to choose a few points that currently see it in Switzerland, in South Africa, in America… in short, an exclusive audience to maintain direct contact with your customers, future projects? many many and many more.